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The Studio

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Jutting out from the low lying hills of the Pembina escarpment, the studio remains an iconic landmark of inspiration for me. As a young artist it is where I would bring my paintings for critiquing; it is where I would visit friend, fellow artist and teacher, Marcel Debreuil. I was fortunate enough to have Marcel for 5 high school art classes. He became a good friend and artistic mentor to me and every time I would leave his studio I would leave inspired, motivated and driven to tackle some new creative project. The studio was just a shell that housed a space where so much creativity burned night after night, year after year. Marcel's incredible ability to encourage and inspire has affected so many artists throughout Manitoba. 

Having had the privilege to live here for over a year of collective seasons since his passing, I am still captivated by the creative magic that exists in this space. The inspiration that powers this lighthouse in the woods is a strong source that won't soon be forgotten.