Saudade / The Swallows Of Lisbon

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Saudade / The Swallows Of Lisbon

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ancient streets, exotic gardens, 
swallows dart through city skies, 
cropped by Medieval alleys, 
a geometric skyline, 
sliced by electric trolley lines; 
wavy terracotta tiled roofs, 
chimney stacks and wiry TV antennas, 
century polished cobblestone lumpy underfoot, 
Moorish tiles dappling crumbling plaster walls like tarnished shells 
bells echo through narrow streets, 
and Estrela always looms over me 
no matter where one walks 
its white washed domes and majestic height 
church and state tower above, 
equally historic, 
weathered stones, 
quiet cannons still stationed, 
overlooking the pages of another time, 
stairways spiral down to shady alleys, 
thick with spicy arrangements, 
Fado and Pessoa's ghost, 
colourful kiosks stuffed with plastic relics 
for the stumbling masses, 
lost in search of their prized souvenirs 
a 12 stringed guitarra seizes my attention 
a crescent moon 
a cool sea breeze 
sandals slapping polished stones 
candlelight obscured through pressed panes of glass 

June 3, 2014