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This is the first attempt at a relatively new idea and style. The surface was first carved before painting so as to create a three dimensional effect. The 5/8 " MDF or masonite was carved with it's deepest excavation in the centre so that there is depth between the two faces representing time and space. 

12.5" X 12.5" 
Oil on Panel 

When we think of all the different spheres or groups of people in which we have been apart of, whether it's friends, family or art groups or spiritual groups, there is a vast amount of circles in which one has been involved with. The yellow circles scattered between the faces represent all these fires of connection in different spheres of interest and connection. They are all interconnected in a web of ripples that unite between this couple because they have come together through this couple. The outer frame is tied together with the traditional wavy lines which represent travel and paths; time together. History. The four clusters of circles around the frame represent the couples four kids and their growing families. There are various other symbols and meanings within this piece that I will leave out.