I guess I would say that the whole realm of creative expression as a collage. This life, blooming with colourful libraries of media where movements and genres meld into cultural expressions that claim no particular label or no one origin to call their own. Faced with an entourage of options, opportunities, and avenues on is invited to whisper their own silent statement, a visual voice, amidst the storm of society's choir. Claiming ground on the fields of unstable contradictions seems inevitable. Yet throughout the sea of tossing coloured emotions one is forced to blaze their own way through the onslaught of the season's fashions, moods and endless upgrades with temporal expressions that constantly change within the currents of the world. So we seek those things that might transcend the madness of humanity, be it a voice, a vision or a light, we seek unity, commonality and understanding that the greatest language is love. And through the collective media of expression one discovers a language that is both personal and universal.

Unable to stick to just one style or medium, I ramble through the aisles of expressive opportunities, picking at random yet another visual voice, another diversion from the last undertaking. Weaving through the forums, the blogs, tutorials, lectures, lessons and sermons, one must remind oneself what remains stable within shifting organism of expression. Be it the colourful medley of passing faces on the bus or subway, the diversity of languages on the sidewalk, the radio beats and eroding posters hanging from the city telephone poles, the graffitied alleys and busking melodies within the clouds of exhaust, there is no end to the possibility of something new.

So as artists, we continue our roamings through forests of easels and microphone stands through oceans of anonymous audiences and endless waves of overbearing media, searching for that empty space to claim as our own.