Self taught in a handful of art forms, Caleb Hamm has compiled a diverse catalogue of strongly stylized works. They are charged with spiritual interpretations and widely vary in their symbolic narratives. As a songwriter, poet and visual storyteller his paintings are largely influenced by both personal and cultural interpretations of the natural and spiritual world.

Each painting is a journey of its own. They journey inward often employs various pathways of execution in order to empathize and accurately render a visually relevant transmission. A deep appreciation and interest for cultural anthropology also accompanies his works with many veins of research unmentioned in his painting's descriptions. Caleb's signature birds and spirals appear in many of his works, accompanied by strong line-work and an earthy palette.

With subjects ranging from social justice, musical expression, landscapes, dream-scapes, travel-scapes, figurative and abstract visions, the importance of the sacred remains clear in his work. It's archetypal lens focuses on the existential, spiritual and aesthetic essence within our natural environment.