As an artist I am continuously studying the world around me; learning and striving to develop my craft.  It has proven to be a challenge when my interests lie in multiple fields of expression such as writing, carving, painting, drawing and songwriting, but as time progresses so does the commitment to all these avenues of equal importance.  Generally, I work in seasons when the inspiration and interest in that particular outlet are at their peak.  Often they overlap and this can enhance and deepen the creative process. Many times a song might inspire a painting or vice versa and it has become a common practice for me to write the song or poem that goes along with a painting on the back of that canvas or panel.

Painting is about more than just creating something beautiful. Beauty becomes a vehicle to capture the viewer's attention, to draw them in to the idea of what is being expressed.  Be it a metaphorical symbol, a story, an emotion or idea, it is my aim to create art that connects with people through the beauty of a visual language.  It is important that this language brings meaning and understanding to another, that it creates a bond through that which the viewer can relate to.  Aesthetics has been the topic of many debates, as has truth, light and colour, but for me, beauty is the result of a measured balance of colour, subject, relevance and light which point to truth.

Songwriting has, for me, always been a method of telling a story.  Be it fiction or factual, the song has always been a valuable means of adding passion and depth to the tale.  True, poetry and song often cross paths in phrasing, structure, tempo, mood and cadence, yet I always seem to know early on in its composition whether or not a piece will remain written or move on to be accompanied by music.  I have been experimenting in recording for sometime now and produced my debut album, “Crows in the Corn,” in 2003.  I am currently working on laying some new tracks of more recent work.

The portrayal of the creative process has become just as important to me as the final product.  It is all interconnected.  Every medium is an element that makes up the the final product.  The compilation of all creative channels becomes the full bodied language of multi-media which I incorporate into my solo exhibitions, using song, dance, and slideshows to accompany the paintings.  The amalgamation of each creative faculty presents a space or time which the audience experiences as a glimpse into the creative process.